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 ===== The following courses are currently offered ===== ===== The following courses are currently offered =====
-  * Using the GWDG Scientific Compute Cluster – An Introduction+  * [[en:services:application_services:high_performance_computing:courses:scc-introductory-course|Using the GWDG Scientific Compute Cluster – An Introduction]]
   * Parallel Programming with MPI   * Parallel Programming with MPI
   * GPU Programming with CUDA - An Introduction   * GPU Programming with CUDA - An Introduction
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 |Registration|See [[en:services:general_services:courses:terms|here]]| |Registration|See [[en:services:general_services:courses:terms|here]]|
 |Course Instructor|Prof. Dr. Oswald Haan| |Course Instructor|Prof. Dr. Oswald Haan|
-^Title^High-level, High-performance Technical Computing with Julia^ 
-|Description|Julia is a cutting edge programming language for technical computing. It combines a high-level dynamic programming language with high performance. Numerical computing with Julia is at least as convenient as with Octave or Matlab, while the language also allows to write complex applications similar to python. The performance of Julia applications approaches that of C and Fortran, lying within a factor of two within C's performance. This synthesis of a dynamic language and excellent performance is achieved by using modern just-in-time compilation technologies. \\ This course covers the basics of Julia that will allow participants to start using Julia on the next day. The contents span important aspects such as: numerical computing, parallel computing and network programming. \\ Although Julia provides a stable version, it generally is in an early state of development. This course is thus intended for early adopters.| 
-|Prerequisits|Intermediate programming skills and an interest in technical/scientific computing.| 
-|Location|GWDG "Kursraum"| 
-|Time|Four times every year, duration 1 day. \\ For the actual schedule, see [[en:services:general_services:courses:program|here]] \\ Additional dates by agreement| 
-|Registration|See [[en:services:general_services:courses:terms|here]]| 
-|Course Instructor|Peter Chronz| 
 ^Title^Parallel Programming using OpenMP^ ^Title^Parallel Programming using OpenMP^