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-====== Migration of jupyter.gwdg.de  ====== 
-<WRAP round tip > 
-Due to the limited scalability the service jupyter.gwdg.de was replaced by jupyter-cloud.gwdg.de on **November 26, 2020**. The functionality of the new system is identical. 
-Jupyter is an interactive web application for working with source code, visualization and text in so called Notebooks, often used in mathematics and data science. 
-jupyter.gwdg.de was started in October 2017 with a beta phase and well received. Soon it became apparent that the present installation was not flexible enough for the growing demand and future scalability was limited. Lectures and classes soon caused resource bottlenecks with the service. 
-In order to meet the increasing demand a scalability service has been set up, which is functional identical to the current JupyterHub service. 
-===== Timeline ===== 
-Over the past months the new service was set up based on GWDG Cloud Server and is available at https://jupyter-cloud.gwdg.de. It replaced https://jupyter.gwdg.de by **November 26, 2020**. 
-===== FAQ ===== 
-Q: Will my files be transferred automatically? 
-  * A: No, both services use a different data storage. Both service ran in parallel until **November 26, 2020**. 
-Q: Can you help me move my data? 
-  * A: Yes, GWDG has a service for moving your data over to the new JupyterHub: https://jupyter-cloud.gwdg.de/migrate an. All your files from your home directory will be moved and the account with the old service locked. While this is ongoing it is recommended to stop working in either service. Upon completion of the process you will be notified by Email. 
-Q: What happens to my data after November 26, 2020?  
-  * A: When the old service gets shut down you will loose access to your data. It is recommended to use our migration service at https://jupyter-cloud.gwdg.de/migrate. 
-Q: Is there a difference in functionality between jupyter-cloud.gwdg.de and jupyter.gwdg.de? 
-  * A: No, the same datascience basic image for notebooks by the jupyter-stacks project is used, including some GWDG extensions. Additionally users can now us (up to) 10 GB RAM and max 4 CPUs per notebook. 
-Q: I have extensive computing requirements, is there an alternative service available? 
-  * A: Yes, GWDG offers [[en:services:application_services:jupyter:hpc|Jupyter notebooks for HPC]].