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Mathematica is a universal interactive computer algebra application system with advanced graphical user interface.


On the HPC ressources at GWDG there are four network licences available for Mathematica.


The dialog server and frontend nodes of the HPC ressources at GWDG can be reached directly only inside the GoeNet network. Login to gwdu101 (or alternatively to gwdu102) via:

ssh -Y gwdu101

For the connection from Microsoft clients use an appropriate software like X-Win32.

If your connection to gwdu101 is refused you might not have the permission to use the HPC ressources. YPlease refer to Account Activation on instructions on how to get permissions.

If you want to use the service from outside GoeNet, first login to and then proceed as above.


First prepare the necessary environment with:

module load mathematica

The use of Mathematica then will be scheduled by the batch system in the interactive queue onto a free ressource. Therefore the following command to the batch system is necessary:

srun --x11 -c 20 -N 1 -p int --pty bash

after a short time period you will get a Shell prompt and you can call Mathematica in the command line version with the command:


or in the X11 window version with the command:


The current version is printed as the first line of the output.


Dr. Ulrich Schwardmann, Tel.: 0551 201-1542, E-Mail: uschwar1 [at]

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