Windows Phone 8

To access emails, contacts, calendar and tasks from the Exchange 2010 Server you can use your mobile phone running Windows Phone 8 / 8.1. You can configure your email account on your Windows phone from Settings menu → Email & AccountsAdd accountOutlook.
Type in your email address, corresponding password and clicks then on “Login”.

AutoDiscover technique gathers the necessary configuration inputs automatically, it allows the option for mobile device to be remotely erased (see Remote wipe). The Konfiguraton completed when you click Finish.

If there should be some troubles you still can manually type in the configuration values:

Username: userid
gwdg (may be your institute own domain)
Server: \\

After the account was set up successfully, you can find the corresponding new entry in SettingsEmail & Accounts.

Following configuration are possibile:

Account name: your desired name for the account
Download emails when arrive
Items to sync: calendar, tasks, emails
Username: userid
Domain: gwdg
This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) : yes

Additional settings can be made directly in the Mail app.

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