To be able to synchronise your emails, contacts and calendar, please add your GWDG account as an Exchange account to your mobile device. First navigate from Settings to Personal SettingsAccounts. The settings on your phone may slightly differ from the specified here. Tap on the plus sign to add a new Account and choose Exchange or Corporate account from the list.

Type in your primary email adress and tap Next (in our example an arrow).

After you type in your password, you should check the values and correct them accordingly for email server connection. <PICTURE>

Most of the settings are allready predefined due Autodiscover functionality, so you should only adjust name of the server to All required settings are listed below:

Password: GWDG password
Security type: SSL / TLS
Port: 443
Client Certificate: No

As a part of the setup process remote security dialogue needs to be acceppted, to allow the remote access (e.g. Remote wipe in case of loss). Now you can select items to synchronize: email, calendar, contacts.

Automatic (push) delivers emails to your device promptly. Further you can choose the period for emails to be synchronized (in our example one week period is selected). You may activate the Automatically download attachment when connected to Wi-Fi option, which helps to reduce the traffic of your mobile network.

At the end of the setup process, security features of the Exchange server needs to be accepted. The dialogue shows which security features are needed.

Your account is hereby ready to use. The last configuration step gives you an option to name your account.

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