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 +=== Display settings === 
 +In the Outlook Web App there is the possibility to change settings regarding the display of e-mail messages. This option can be found under the display settings via the gear icon in the upper right part in OWA.
 +{{ :de:services:email_collaboration:email_service:5other:anzeigeeinstellungen_owa.png?300 |}}
 +One of the settings can be used to prevent the automatic opening of the next message even after the opened email has been deleted.
 +{{ :de:services:email_collaboration:email_service:5other:lesebereich-anpassen_owa.png |}}
 +You can also find these settings by clicking on the gear icon and selecting Options. In the settings category Email -> Layout several settings can be made for the appearance of the email messages. 
 +{{ :de:services:email_collaboration:email_service:5other:optionen-email-layout.png |}}
 +Additionally, you can prevent your emails from being automatically marked as read when only selected under Settings wheel -> Options.
 +{{ :de:services:email_collaboration:email_service:5other:als-gelesen-markieren_owa.png |}}