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 ==== Collaboration ==== ==== Collaboration ====
-Collaboration with a user without a GWDG full account is possible with the [[https://www.sharelatex.com/learn/Kb/What%20is%20Link%20Sharing%3F|"Link-Sharing"]] function.+Collaboration with a user without a [[en:services:general_services:customer_portal:account_info|GWDG full account]] is possible with the [[https://www.sharelatex.com/learn/Kb/What%20is%20Link%20Sharing%3F|"Link-Sharing"]] function. 
 +Users without an account as described in [[en:services:email_collaboration:sharelatex#preconditions_for_use|preconditions]] can **only** be invited to edit a document through the "Link-Sharing" function. Sending invitations to the user's email address will **lead to an error** during login using the email link. Users without a [[en:services:general_services:customer_portal:account_info|GWDG full account]] have to be invited using the "Link-Sharing" function.
 ==== Licensing ==== ==== Licensing ====