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ArcGIS software

ESRI campus license for ArcGIS

At the end of 1999 the GWDG completed with ESRI Deutschland GmbH (ESRI, Environmental Systems Research Institute) a campus license agreement for use of ESRI products. This campus license agreement was extended under the auspices of the GWDG to all universities in Lower Saxony on 01.01.2011.

ESRI Deutschland GmbH is the German branch of a leading software company in the field of geographic information systems (GIS), whose products are used in many areas of research in the analysis and presentation of geographical data related facts. While the use of GIS was limited to the early 90s mainly on Geosciences, its spectrum was expanded in recent years significantly. For the beginner, as well as experienced users, the Internet provides interesting information and links about GIS. Together with the campus license agreement the Software can be used to a greater extent in the work of dealing with geographic data research. The agreement also allows unlimited use of the licensed products by all universities of Lower Saxony and the Max Planck institutes in Göttingen.

Terms of Use

The institutions which are allowed to use the software do finance the campus license. Therefore, the participation in the use of ESRI products in Göttingen under the campus license agreement requires the conclusion of an agreement with the GWDG, in which the adoption of the use of the corresponding part of the annual license fee is confirmed. The software ArcGIS from the campus license may only be used after the completion of such an agreement.

The cost depends on the number of users.

Software deployment and further information

After completion of the agreement the selected ArcGIS products can be obtained from GWDG's ArcGIS software depot. Detailed documentation of the individual programs are online on the installation CDs.

More information about ESRI GIS products and topics can be found on the US-American ESRI server ( Currently valid for the German market is only what is published on the German ESRI server (!

For questions regarding the campus license of the software or its installation, please contact with the subject “ArcGIS”.

ArcGIS for students


The campus license provides that students may use ArcGIS Desktop software free of charge as part of their course of study. Information can be found at .


The software for this can be downloaded here. If you are currently not in Göttingen, please note the following information for access via VPN:

Term and Termination

New purchase orders will be charged proportionately until 31.12. Afterwards, the term is exactly one year from 01.01. up to 31.12. of the year.

If the purchased license for the next billing period is no longer needed, a timely notice before 01.09. is required. Otherwise, a new license is automatically extended to the next billing period - for the entire following year - and be billed.

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