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 +====== E-Mail ======
 +Here you can find general information about the different GWDG mail servers, recommended mail protocols and instructions for the configuration of Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and Mozilla Thunderbird.
 +===== General Information =====
 +Here you will find general information about the GWDG mail server, recommended mail protocols, etc.
 +[[en:services:email_collaboration:email_service:2mac:10mac_email_information|Click here for details]]
 +===== Apple Mail =====
 +Mail.app is a free and user-friendly email program that comes with Mac OS X. Here you can find instructions on how to use your GWDG mail account with this program.
 + [[en:services:email_collaboration:email_service:2mac:20apple_mail|Click here for details]]
 +===== Microsoft Outlook 2016 =====
 + [[en:services:email_collaboration:email_service:2mac: 29Outlook_2016|Click here for details]]
 +===== Microsoft Outlook 2011 =====
 +Outlook is the successor of Entourage and part of Microsoft Office for Mac OS X. In combination with an account on the Exchange Server 2010 it offers many useful features.
 +[[en:services:email_collaboration:email_service:2mac:30mac_outlook|Click here for details]]
 +===== Mozilla Thunderbird =====
 +Thunderbird is the free mail client, news reader and RSS client from the Mozilla Foundation. It is an extensively used email clients and is available for all major operating systems.
 +[[en:services:email_collaboration:email_service:2mac:40mac_thunderbird|Click here for details]]
 +===== E-Mail Certificates =====
 +Here you can learn how to apply for and install your personal certificate.
 +[[en:services:email_collaboration:email_service:2mac:mac_email_certificates|Click here for details]]