The PPD files for use with GWDG printers (color, black and white laser printers, and poster printers) are stored on the server, you can download the GWDG PPD file here: GWDGPS.PPD File.

Alternatively you may connect to the Samba server by chosing the Finder Menu “Go to” and then “Connect to server” (or press the “Apple” key and “k”) In the new window, please enter the following URL:


Confirm by clicking the „Connect“ button.

A connection is now established, and a new window opens, asking for authentication. You do not need authentication in order to access the PPD files; simply choose the option “Guest” and click “Connect”.

Now the Volume „adobe-ps“ should mount on your desktop. You will need the file „gwdgps.ppd“ to use the GWDG postscript printers. Copy the file to your hard drive and eject the volume (e.g. via drag and drop to the trash can).

If you need further PPD files for other printers, you can find them on the volume „adobe-ppd“. This can be mounted in the same way as shown above, with the URL smb://

Important: For macOS to be able to find the file GWDGPS.ppd, it is essential that it is saved in the /Users/Shared folder. To get to this directory, select “Go to → Go To Folder” in the Finder menu and enter /User/shared.

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