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 ===== Wildcard Certificates ===== ===== Wildcard Certificates =====
 <WRAP center round box 100%> <WRAP center round box 100%>
-|[[https://pki.pca.dfn.de/dfn-ca-global-g2/cgi-bin/pub/pki?cmd=pkcs10_req;id=1;menu_item=2;RA_ID=2150|WCC-RA]]| +<WRAP center round important 80%> 
- +**Since 26.09.2019, wildcard certificates can be applied in the competent RAs listed on this [[#generation_2|page]] above. 
-==== Certificate Chain ==== +**</WRAP>
-[[https://pki.pca.dfn.de/dfn-ca-global-g2/cgi-bin/pub/pki?cmd=getStaticPage;name=index;id=2&RA_ID=2150|Generation 2]] +
 </WRAP> </WRAP>