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 ====== Information for RA operators ====== ====== Information for RA operators ======
 <WRAP center round important 60%> <WRAP center round important 60%>
-<wrap em>The information on this page is only the so-called RA operators or Participant Service staff (in German called Teilnehmerservice Mitarbeiter, short TS-Mitarbeiter), short TS staff, interesting and necessary!</wrap>+<wrap em>The information on this page is only the so-called RA operators or Participant Service staff (in German called Teilnehmerservice Mitarbeiter, short TS-MA), short TS staff, interesting and necessary!</wrap>
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
 ===== OpenJDK-Programm GUIRA  ===== ===== OpenJDK-Programm GUIRA  =====
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 </WRAP> </WRAP>
 +===== Information for TS-MA about GUIRA =====
 +In these two issues of the GWDG News, you will find helpful information as a TS-MA for operating GUIRA and the general aufgaven as TS-MA.
-===== Start Java program GUIRA from command line ===== +<WRAP center round info 100%> 
-<WRAP center round alert 100%> +  [[https://www.gwdg.de/documents/20182/27257/GN_12-2020_www.pdf#page=10|GWDG Nachrichten 12|20]] - Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen eines Teilnehmerservices 
-<wrap em>!!!End of life only until mid-year 2019 !!!</wrap> +  - [[https://www.gwdg.de/documents/20182/27257/GN_3-2021_www.pdf#page=8|GWDG Nachrichten 03|21]] - Das Programm GUIRA für den Teilnehmerservice
-<wrap hi>Please use [[en:services:it_security:pki:raoperator#openjdk-programm_guira|OpenJDK GUIRA]] as described above!</wrap+<WRAP center round important 60%
-To start the GUIRA from command line following line cut and paste it into the command line or download the script file+(currently only in German)
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
-==== MPG RA Operators ==== 
-<code powershell startguirampg.ps1>"%JAVA_HOME%\bin\javaws" https://pki.pca.dfn.de/mpg-ca/guira/guira.jnlp</code> 
-<code powershell startguirampg.bat>"%JAVA_HOME%\bin\javaws" https://pki.pca.dfn.de/mpg-ca/guira/guira.jnlp</code> 
-<code bash startguirampg.sh>$JAVA_HOME/bin/javaws https://pki.pca.dfn.de/mpg-ca/guira/guira.jnlp</code> 
-==== Universität Göttingen RA Operators ==== 
-<code powershell startguirauni.ps1>"%JAVA_HOME%\bin\javaws" https://pki.pca.dfn.de/uni-goettingen-ca/guira/guira.jnlp</code> 
-<code powershell startguirauni.bat>"%JAVA_HOME%\bin\javaws" https://pki.pca.dfn.de/uni-goettingen-ca/guira/guira.jnlp</code> 
-<code bash startguirauni.sh>$JAVA_HOME/bin/javaws https://pki.pca.dfn.de/uni-goettingen-ca/guira/guira.jnlp</code> 
-==== GWDG RA Operators ==== 
-<code powershell startguiragwdg.ps1>"%JAVA_HOME%\bin\javaws" https://pki.pca.dfn.de/gwdg-ca/guira/guira.jnlp</code> 
-<code powershell startguiragwdg.bat>"%JAVA_HOME%\bin\javaws" https://pki.pca.dfn.de/gwdg-ca/guira/guira.jnlp</code> 
-<code bash startguiragwdg.sh>$JAVA_HOME/bin/javaws https://pki.pca.dfn.de/gwdg-ca/guira/guira.jnlp</code> 
-===== RA operators Web pages ===== +</WRAP> 
-<WRAP center round alert 60%+ 
-<wrap em>!!!Obsolete!!!</wrap> + 
-<wrap hi>Please use  [[en:services:it_security:pki:raoperator#java_program_guira_launch_of_website|GUIRA]] as described above</wrap> 
-Link to the respective RAs. Registration is done only with valid RA Administrator certificate 
-  * [[https://ra.pca.dfn.de/mpg-ca/ra|MPG RA operators]] 
-  * [[https://ra.pca.dfn.de/uni-goettingen-ca/ra|Universität Göttingen RA operators]] 
-  * [[https://ra.pca.dfn.de/gwdg-ca/ra|GWDG RA operators]]