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Data Exchange

The GWDG offers its customers several services for the secure exchange and synchronization of data as an alternative to Dropbox and other solutions hosted in the USA. With these services you can quickly and conveniently share files with colleagues or work on documents together. All your data is stored securely in our data center.

You can use GWDG ownCloud immediately with your account ( The GWDG provides the AcademicCloud for the universities and colleges in Lower Saxony for this purpose too. Users of participating institutions can log in with the account of their home institution( and use the service for secure file exchange. Both services also offer an integrated office solution with OnlyOffice for collaborative work on documents. You simply click on the relevant Office documents and can edit them directly in the browser.

With Microsoft SharePoint, we also provide you with a web-based platform for collaboration and planning of projects that can be accessed from anywhere, including from home or on the road, where you can work and plan collaboratively with your team. You can find everything else about this at (

Additional information about these services can be found here :

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