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 ====== Jitsi ====== ====== Jitsi ======
 +<WRAP center round important 100%>
 +The evaluation of Jitsi at GWDG lead to the decision to concentrate on the product [[en:services:mobile_working:elearning_tools:start|BigBlueButton]]. A GWDG hosted version of Jitsi might come back in the future.
-[[de:services:mobile_working:videoconferencing_tools:jitsi:start|This page is currently only available in German]]+[[https://jitsi.org|Jitsi]] is a free open source video conferencing software that will be offered through GWDG soon. <del>We are currently evaluating and preparing its operation as a GWDG service. A preliminary version can be tested at [[https://vct.testsrv.gwdg.de/|https://vct.testsrv.gwdg.de/]].
 +Please note: Login to the service must be done with your GWDG UserID (e.g. mmuster) and **not** with your email address.
 +Please note that this is not yet a productive service. This can lead to performance losses in case of heavy load.