Configuration of Terminal Equipment

To run connect devices in the GÖNET several parameters have to be configured.

IP-Address Assignment

To connect to the network every device needs an IP-address.

The GWDG operates an IP-address management system, in which IP-address ranges are assigned to the connected institutions. The assignment of single IP-addresses to devices in the institution is done by the network supervisors of the institutions.

The IP-addresses may either be configured statically in the device configuration or automatically via DHCP.


The following table contains the necessary and frequently used configuration parameters for terminal devices in the GÖNET:

Service Configuration Note
Both DNS resolver IPs are redundantly served by multiple servers.
Gateway, Subnet Mask Dependent on the subnet of the device. Both can be looked up by the local network administrator in the IP Address Management System (IPAM). You may also ask for them at the GWDG Support. Most client networks support automatic configuration via DHCP. Please avoid the usage of wrong subnet masks.
Time Server, NTP-Server
Important: For security reasons you cannot use external NTP servers like the ones from Microsoft or
Windows Name Server are used for name resolving to access
services in windows networks.
Webproxy-Server Port 3128 Indirect access to the world-wide-web, necessary for devices without
a public IP-address.
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