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-====== Cisco AnyConnect ======+====== Cisco AnyConnect (Windows) ====== 
 +<WRAP center round important 100%> 
 +When using Apple Bonjour for Windows, this can lead to connection problems. ([[http://support.microsoft.com/kb/970313|KB970313]]) . 
 +internet-connection-sharing must not be active when using Cisco AnyConnect.
-The AnyConnect [[http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_Private_Network|VPN]] client is a Java-based applicationwhich establishes a SSL-encrypted tunnel to Cisco ASA 5500 gateways. With this tool communication over otherwise insecure networks like the unencrypted networks like GoeMobile can be secured. +Should you encounter any problems with your VPN, please do not hesitate to contact our [[https://gwdg.de/support|Support]]. 
- +</WRAP>
-Usage of Apple  [[http://www.apple.com/support/bonjour/|Bonjour]] for Windows may cause connection problems with the Cisco AnyConnect client ([[http://support.microsoft.com/kb/970313|KB970313]]).+
 <WRAP center round important 100%> <WRAP center round important 100%>
-Due to the current load in VPN, two more servers were set up in addition to vpn.gwdg.de: ** vpn-b.gwdg.de ** and ** vpn-c.gwdg.de **. We recommend using one of them. +Due to the current load in VPN, two more servers were set up in addition to vpn.gwdg.de: ** vpn-b.gwdg.de ** and ** vpn-c.gwdg.de **.  We recommend using one of them. 
-</WRAP>+</WRAP>Step-by-step image instruction: Windows (please click) 
 +{{url>https://status.gwdg.de/vpn 600px  noscroll noborder }} 
 ==== Supported Operating Systems==== ==== Supported Operating Systems====
 AnyConnect supports the following operating systems: AnyConnect supports the following operating systems:
-| Windows:                       | Windows 7 10                         +| Windows:                       | Windows 7.1/8/10                          
-| Mac OS:                        | Mac OS X ab 10.10                      | +| Mac OS:                        | macOS from 10.13                      | 
-| Linux (officially supported): RHEL ab 7 Desktop und Ubuntu ab 14.04  |+| Linux (officially supported versions):  | Ubuntu (16.04 and 18.04), RHEL (versions 6 and 7)  |
 +We strongly advise Linux users to use the [[Linux|built-in OpenConnect client together with NetworkManager]] instead of AnyConnect. This solution also works for the alternative gateways vpn-b.gwdg.de and vpn-c.gwdg.de.
 +==== Installation ====
-==== Installation Guide ==== +++++ Step-by-step image instructionWindows (please click) |
-1. Follow the link [[https://vpn.gwdg.de |VPN-GWDG]] and log in with your username and password as described below. +
-<WRAP center round box 100%>+
- <user.name>@|**stud.uni-goettingen.de** |students +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:01-win-credentials.png }} 
- <user>@|**gwdg.de** GWDG employees +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:02-win.png }} 
- <user>@|**uni-goettingen.de** |university employees |+{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:03-win.png | }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:04-win.png | }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:05-win.png }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:06-win.png }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:07-win.png }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:08-win.png }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:09-win.png | }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:10-win.png }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:11-win.png }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:12-win.png }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:13-win.png }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:14-win.png | }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:17-win.png }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:18-win.png }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:19-win.png | }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:20-win.png | }} 
-</WRAP>+++++ Step-by-step image instruction: macOS (please click) |
-2After logging in,  klick on the link to the AnyConnect client.  +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:01-mac.png | }} 
-{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:ac1.png?500 |}} +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:02-mac.png | }} 
-Now klick on the installation link to start the setup+{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:04-mac.png | }} 
-{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:ac2.png?500 |}}+{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:05-mac.png | }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:06-mac.png | }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:07-mac.png | }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:08-mac.png | }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:09-mac.png | }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:10-mac.png | }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:11-mac.png | }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:12-mac.png | }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:13-mac.png | }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:14-mac.png | }} 
 +{{ :de:services:network_services:vpn:15-mac.png | }} 
-Now the auto detection process will start. The following three bullet points will describe the different outcomes of this process. +1. Please click on [[https://vpn.gwdg.de/|vpn.gwdg.de]] and log in with your credentials. The account name is usually the same as your email addressPlease check [[this list|en:services:network_services:eduroam:start|]] if you are not sure.
-{{ :en:services:network_services:vpn:cisco_anyconnect1.png The auto detection process}} +
- 3. If the process detects a Java runtime environment capable of Java Web Start the browser will display one or two security requests. +
-After these security requests are granted, the installation process will commence.+
-<WRAP center round tip 60%> +You may also download directly the AnyConnect client [[https://ftp.gwdg.de/anyconnect/|from our ftp server]] using the username 'vpn' and the password 'fernzugriff' You can then directly continue with step 4.
-Java is not needed for running the application, only for installing it! +
-If the current user of the system does not have administrator privileges the administrator privileges will be requested or on Linux systems a +2. Click on //AnyConnect// within the navigation bar on the left.
-terminal with a prompt for the sudo password will be opened. +
-On Linux this will fail when //xterm// is not installed.+
-After the installation the client will start and establish a connection. +3. Click on //Start AnyConnect//. If you do not have //AnyConnect// installed yet, you are asked to download the installation fileYou may need to wait several seconds until the download starts.
-{{ :en:services:network_services:vpn:cisco_anyconnect2.png |Connection Established}}+
- 4. In modern browsers where Java is deactivated, the installation process will stop and an installation file is offered for download. +4. Install AnyConnect from the file you have just downloadedPlease make sure that you are in possession of sufficient administration rights on your system or consult your administrator
-{{ :en:services:network_services:vpn:cisco_anyconnect3.png | Manual Installation}} +  
-Download the installation file by clicking on the offered link and run the installation manually. +5Open the newly installed program //Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client// to start the VPN
-After the installation is complete the client will be launched. Enter //**vpn.gwdg.de**// as address for the connection, then click on connect to start the login.+
-<WRAP center round important 60%> +6Insert any gateway address (**vpn-b.gwdg.de** or **vpn-c.gwdg.de** or **vpn.gwdg.de**) and click on //Connect//.
-Due to the current load in VPN, two more servers were set up in addition to vpn.gwdg.de: ** vpn-b.gwdg.de ** and ** vpn-c.gwdg.de **. We recommend using one of them. +
-{{ :en:services:network_services:vpn:cisco_anyconnect4.png | vpn.gwdg.de}}+7Enter your credentialsThese are usually your email address and the corresponding password.
-Enter the same username and password as in step 1 and click on //ok// to complete the login. +8. Accept the conditions for using the VPN.
-After the login a connection will be established. +
-  +
-{{ :en:services:network_services:vpn:cisco_anyconnect5.png | login }}+
-5. If a installation via Active X is possible and allowed by the user the installation will proceed automatically and a connection will be established.+You are now connected to the VPN.
-6. After a successful  installation the AnyConnect-Client will be shown in the system tray. By right clicking or double clicking the symbol in the tray the VPN can be disconnected. +If you want to start the VPN again, just start the client directly or visit [[https://vpn.gwdg.de/|vpn.gwdg.de]].
-{{ :en:services:network_services:vpn:cisco_anyconnect5.png }} +
-After the first installation the AnyConnect-Client can be launched like any installed application without visiting vpn.gwdg.de .+