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Cisco AnyConnect

The AnyConnect VPN client is a Java-based application, which establishes a SSL-encrypted tunnel to Cisco ASA 5500 gateways. With this tool communication over otherwise insecure networks like the unencrypted networks like GoeMobile can be secured.

Usage of Apple Bonjour for Windows may cause connection problems with the Cisco AnyConnect client (KB970313).

Due to the current load in VPN, a second server was set up in addition to, we recommend using this.

Supported Operating Systems

AnyConnect supports the following operating systems:

Windows: Windows 7/8 (32-bit & 64-bit), Vista (32-bit & 64-bit)
Mac OS:Mac OS X 10.10 (32-bit & 64-bit)
Linux (officially supported):RHEL 7 Desktop
Ubuntu 14.04. Trusty Tar
Windows Mobile:Windows Mobile 8.0 Professional & Classic

Installation Guide

1. Follow the link VPN-GWDG and log in with your username and password as described below.

<> students
<user> GWDG employees
<user> university employees

2. After logging in, klick on the link to the AnyConnect client. Now klick on the installation link to start the setup.

Now the auto detection process will start. The following three bullet points will describe the different outcomes of this process.  The auto detection process 3. If the process detects a Java runtime environment capable of Java Web Start the browser will display one or two security requests. After these security requests are granted, the installation process will commence.

Java is not needed for running the application, only for installing it!

If the current user of the system does not have administrator privileges the administrator privileges will be requested or on Linux systems a terminal with a prompt for the sudo password will be opened. On Linux this will fail when xterm is not installed.

After the installation the client will start and establish a connection. Connection Established

4. In modern browsers where Java is deactivated, the installation process will stop and an installation file is offered for download.  Manual Installation Download the installation file by clicking on the offered link and run the installation manually. After the installation is complete the client will be launched. Enter as address for the connection, then click on connect to start the login.

Enter the same username and password as in step 1 and click on ok to complete the login. After the login a connection will be established.


5. If a installation via Active X is possible and allowed by the user the installation will proceed automatically and a connection will be established.

6. After a successful installation the AnyConnect-Client will be shown in the system tray. By right clicking or double clicking the symbol in the tray the VPN can be disconnected.  After the first installation the AnyConnect-Client can be launched like any installed application without visiting .

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