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 </WRAP><WRAP column half> {{ :en:services:server_services:gwdg_cloud_server:new:volume_manage_list.png?direct&200 |}} </WRAP></WRAP> </WRAP><WRAP column half> {{ :en:services:server_services:gwdg_cloud_server:new:volume_manage_list.png?direct&200 |}} </WRAP></WRAP>
 +<WRAP Group> <WRAP column half> To attach or detach a Volume to or from an instance, the **Manage Attachments** option should be used. 
 +To attach a volume to a running instance, the following steps should be fulfilled:
 +  * Select "Manage Attachment" of a volume with "Available" status.
 +  * On displayed form, select the intended instance from the "Attach to Instance" list.
 +  * You can optionally change the device name.
 +  * Click "Attach Volume".
 +  * Connect to your instance and run "//sudo fdisk -l//" to verify if the volume is attached.
 +  * If the volume is new (has not been attached to another instance before) you will see a message in the output of previous command indicating that the disk doesn't contain a valid partition table.
 +  * To format your device, execute: "//sudo mkfs -t ext3  /dev/vdc//"  (/dev/vdc should be replaced by your device name if it is different)
 +  * Create a directory for mounting the new storage volume: "//sudo mkdir /mnt/my-volume//".
 +  * Mount the new volume: "//sudo mount /dev/vdc /mnt/data-store//"
 +</WRAP><WRAP column half> {{ :en:services:server_services:gwdg_cloud_server:new:volume_attach.png?direct&400 |}} </WRAP></WRAP>