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 [[.arcgislics:start|ArcGIS software]] (University of Göttingen) \\  [[.arcgislics:start|ArcGIS software]] (University of Göttingen) \\ 
 [[citavilics|Citavi campus license]] (University of Göttingen) \\  [[citavilics|Citavi campus license]] (University of Göttingen) \\ 
-[[corellics|Corel Draw campus license]] (University of Göttingen) \\+[[corellics|CorelDraw Graphic Suite campus license]] (University of Göttingen) \\
 [[endnotelics|EndNote]] (University of Göttingen) \\  [[endnotelics|EndNote]] (University of Göttingen) \\ 
 [[endnotereflics|EndNote campus license]] (Max Planck Society) \\ [[endnotereflics|EndNote campus license]] (Max Planck Society) \\