Software and License Management

The GWDG has completed several campus and volume license agreements with leading software vendors, enabling the low-cost procurement of software. Depending on the contract or software different reference conditions apply in particular to the group of beneficiaries.

GWDG's software center

Adobe licensing programs (University of Göttingen)
ArcGIS software (University of Göttingen)
Bitdefender (University of Göttingen)
Citavi campus license (University of Göttingen)
CorelDraw Graphic Suite campus license (University of Göttingen)
EndNote (University of Göttingen)
EndNote campus license (Max Planck Society)
IBM Notes (University of Göttingen and Max Planck Society)
Microsoft Campus Agreement (University of Göttingen)
Microsoft Key Management Server (KMS)
Microsoft Select plus program (University of Göttingen)
MindManager (University of Göttingen)
Origin licenses (University of Göttingen)
PDF-XChange Pro (Max Planck Society)
PDF-XChange Pro (University of Göttingen)
PV-WAVE campus license (the campus license contract is terminated January 2016)
Red Hat and JBoss licenses (University of Göttingen and Max Planck Society)
SAS - Statistical Analysis System (University of Göttingen)
SLES - SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (University of Göttingen and Max Planck Society)
SPSS (University of Göttingen)
STATISTICA (University of Göttingen)
XWin32 software (University of Göttingen and Max Planck institutes in Göttingen)

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