Library Service Koha

This service is available for all libraries belonging to the Max Planck Society and Göttingen University as well as to our other clients. A general description of the service is to be found on our web site. If you are interested in using Koha in your institution's library, you'll find further information below.

Your library's Koha instance will run on a virtual server that is created and managed by our team at GWDG's premises. Please contact our Support, and your instance will be created for you.

Koha Community

Koha is an Open Source product, used and developed by a large community. Documentation and manuals are available on the official Koha Community's web site, and also several demo installations to get an impression.


For all librarians interested in GWDG's Koha service or already have a Koha instance running at GWDG the mailing list may be interesting. Here, organisational issues like version upgrades, appointments and significant changes in the Koha setup are discussed, and subscribers will be informed about maintenance or problems. This is also the forum for Koha librarians to share their experiences and „best practices“. To subscribe, please go to the mailing list's web site or contact the Koha Team at GWDG.

Koha Support at GWDG

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