Network Services

The GWDG provides for the University of Göttingen, the Max Planck Institutes in Göttingen, and in some cases beyond, as well as for other research institutions in Göttingen network infrastructure and network services.

Network Infrastructure

  • The high-speed network GÖNET connects the Göttingen science institutions via optical fibers. The GWDG plans and operates the network infrastructure of the core network, as well as for the University (without the University Medical Center) and partly also for Max Planck Institutes, the entire network infrastructure.
  • Integrated within the GÖNET the Wireless LAN GoeMobile is operated by GWDG. It provides mobile users and users at many locations access to the Internet and can be used among other things for conferences and courses.
  • The GWDG provides access to the Internet with the connection to the scientific network X-WiN which is operated by the DFN-Verein. GWDG´s X-WiN connection has a bandwidth of 20 Gbit/s in the main terminal and in addition connection (which is in the case of failure of the main connection is automatically activated).

Network Services

  • The GWDG provides a variety of basic services for the network and applications using it.
  • DNS, WINS and DHCP server and an IP address management system ensures the GÖNET name resolution and distribution of IP addresses.
  • About the NTP server computers can be supplied with the correct time.
  • About the World Wide Web proxy server it is also possible to grant computers without public IP address access to the World Wide Web.


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