Mobile Work

(Updated 30.09.2020)

Many of us work currently from home, which also introduces special demands on IT services and support.

Attention the trial license for WebEx has expired. Therefore please use one of the other solutions we offer.

We therefore provide you an overview and present some typical tools and services that you can obtain from the GWDG:

  • Videoconferencing: Online communication with colleagues or cooperation partners can be a good substitute for a physical meeting. We provide you with BigBlueBotton, DFNconf, Teams, WebEx and Zoom. Please note that some of these services currently suffer from high load.
  • Chat: Rocket.Chat is our well-established service for exchanging information in teams or groups. It is comparable to commercial solutions like Slack, Telegram or WhatsApp.
  • Collaborative Work: With Email, SharePoint, Rocket.Chat, CodiMD, OnlyOffice, and other services we support you in collaborative work and research.
  • Data exchange: GWDG provides a number of services for data exchange, including ownCloud, the Academic Cloud, and SharePoint. You can use them to exchange documents and store them securely in our data centers.
  • VPN access: VPN allows you to access services, servers and e-media from outside the Göttingen campus. We are currently making sure that these VPN connections are available in sufficient quantity.
  • E-Learning Tools: Since in the current semester lectures are primarily held virtually, we offer together with the together with the Service for Digital Learning and Teaching of the university enhanced services for online lectures. This includes in particular the service BigBlueButton, which can be used for video conferencing as well as for e-learning scenarios.

The respective links will lead you to overview pages with more information about the various tools and services.

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