Checklist accessible desktop and mobile app programming

When programming desktop and mobile apps, the recommendations of the manufacturing software company should be carefully read, observed and implemented in the design, planning, programming and testing. The following links are the entry points to the documentation of large software companies on this topic. Every programmer or group of programmers must deal with this topic and activate accessibility features especially for the developed application. This applies to development projects and contracts that are outsourced.

Not considering accessibility in published apps is not an option!

Documentations for desktop applications

  1. GWDG News 7-8|23 - Accessible Software Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2022
  2. GWDG News 1-2|24 - Creating accessible applications with semantic properties in .NET MAUI

German only!

Documentations for mobile applications

API naming

The golden rule is: Use word separators

API and schema design examples

  1. use_underscores
  2. useCamelCase
  3. use-kebab-case

Examples of IDs and similar entities

  1. (often with reverse DNS prefixes)
  2. use/path/separators (often with URIs)
  3. use-hyphen-separators (often with GUIDs and the like)


Another common challenge is the use of shortcuts. While a user interacting with your API may recognize your abbreviations from context, a screen reader may not be able to do so, especially if your abbreviation is not common.

Abbreviated (unfavorable) Not abbreviated (correct)
pvtKey privateKey

Additional services

An added benefit is that code generators can more easily produce idiomatic terms that conform to case-sensitive conventions in the target language/platform.

JSON Dotnet Dotnet with additional suffix
dataContentType DataContentType DataContentTypeEntity

Check list

Done Checkpoints
Interfaces built-in and tested
Bilingualism implemented
Usability implemented via mouse and keyboard
API Naming

The checklist to download

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