HERDT Campus

Since mid of January 2018, all employees and students of the University of Göttingen can use HERDT Campus - ALL YOU CAN READ of the HERDT publishing house and thus access a large number of IT learning materials free of charge.

HERDT publishing house and RRZN manuals

HERDT publishing house is a leading vendor in IT training and educational publications with a total number of more than 25 million copies distributed. A larger part of these materials is available in print at special conditions for many years to university members as the well-known RRZN manuals on a basis of the cooperation between the HERDT publishing house and the RRZN (Regionales Rechenzentrum für Niedersachsen / Leibniz Universität Hannover; now LUIS). In addition, many of the RRZN manuals are available as low-priced e-books for a while now In Göttingen, these e-books can be purchased at the chip card office in the ZHG of the University of Göttingen with the chip card (employees and students) as a download code. Many RRZN manuals are unaltered reprints of publications by HERDT, and many of them were available for purchase at the GWDG for years. However, the purchase of the printed RRZN manuals was discontinued due to the sharp decrease in demand on 25.07.2018.



All employees and students of the University of Göttingen can access and use a large number of digital HERDT media free of charge via the web portal HERDT|Campus. The offer currently covers around 700 books on more than 500 IT topics. You will find titles on Windows, Office, systems and networks, image editing, graphics, programming, CAD, web, databases and IT management.

On the one hand, HERDT books are available for download as printable PDFs, which are labelled with a watermark “Georg-August-Universität Göttingen” and “Hochschulversion” before they are made available. On the other hand, the corresponding digital additional media, such as learning films and exercises, can be accessed directly on the pages of the respective product descriptions of the titles.


The offer ALL YOU CAN READ of the web portal HERDT|Campus is limited to university networks. The corresponding IP address ranges have been activated for the University of Göttingen. The access to ALL YOU CAN READ and thus the use of the media is possible from the university network of the University of Göttingen via the website https://herdt-campus.de. Access from outside the university network is possible by VPN dial-in.

After accessing the website, you will be shown the start page with title search and navigation. After selecting the desired title, you can then download the book PDF without having to register, as was the case until recently, and/or directly access the additional digital media for the respective books.

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