GWDG operates an Oracle Enterprise database server vers. 11gR2.
You get your own oracle account (“schema“) and can create the required database objects (tables, views, etc.). On request, we will assist you in designing tables and developing application programs.
Use our Oracle web server for your database-centric web applications.
With Oracle Application Express (APEX) you can develop and deploy web-based applications using only a web browser. Your web-applications will be accessible via the Oracle web server.

Preconditions for Use

The service is available to all institutes of the University of Göttingen and to all Max Planck Institutes.
Setting up an account in the Oracle database is carried out at request.
To perform database projects, it may be required that you need to install special software. Suitable software is provided by Oracle for free: “Oracle Instant Client“ for the network connection; “Oracle SQL Developer“ and “Oracle JDeveloper“ for development work.
Using only a web browser, you can develop and deploy web-applications with Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX), a database-centric development tool.

For email requests send a mail to

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