General information

The open source software Indico developed by Cern is a web application. Lectures, meetings and conferences can be created using Indico.


Three different event types (lecture, meeting and conference) can be created in Indico.

Lecture: A lecture can contain a presentation and be given with several speakers or one speaker.

Meeting: Usually a meeting consists of several presentations. The duration of a meeting can vary: a meeting can last one day or several days, with a meeting often taking place on one day. It is possible that contributions are organized in meetings. Minutes can also be added to a meeting.

Conference: A conference usually lasts a few days and several meetings can be held at the same time. Conferences also have the advantage that they enable flexible workflows for the processing of abstracts and documents.

Participants can be managed for all three types of events. Registrations, the use of collaborative tools and surveys are also possible. Reminder emails can also be used for events.


Either a new sub-category or a new event can be created in a category. However, it is not possible to use the same category for creating an event and a sub-category.

A new category can be created by clicking on New category . Enter the title and optionally a description. Then confirm your entry.

Please note that you must have the appropriate authorizations to create categories or events. If you do not have authorization, please contact:

A category has different features. For example, a logo, icon or description can be inserted for a category or a time zone etc. can be selected. If you would like to insert a logo, please click on Settings in the menu.

For example, you can upload the logo from your computer under Logo.

A category can be deleted by clicking on the delete symbol. A category can only be deleted if it is empty.

Attention! Further information about Indico will be add online in the next few days.

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