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We support you in your organizational work

Scientific research without cooperation and communication of research groups with each other is hardly conceivable nowadays. The support of IT systems is imperative. This also applies to the associated organizational work within the scientific projects. However, organizational work uses time and resources for the traditional scheme in the form of paper.

We support, therefore, by using suitable IT systems to optimize your organizational processes and documents to make them available by secure access. The thereby saved resources can be used for the actual scientific research.

Whether it is in the organizational work to conference organization, application process or a document filing system - we provide online systems appropriately adapted to your needs.

These systems are typically accessed via Web browser; we successfully tested of course MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Konqueror.

Conference Organisation

The organization of an academic conference, a workshop, a working group meeting or other scientific events includes the receipt of applications, the division of registrations to individual subgroups, creating lists of participants, printing of name badges, etc.

These activities can be simplified and accelerated by an IT system provided for you. A model of such a system can be found in our GWDG-Nachrichten 10/2002.

Application Procedure

In your institute are vacancies to be filled, and you wish candidates from a large radius? Then, the electronic application process by entering data via the WWW is certainly of interest to you. There for you provided method has been described in detail in our GWDG-Nachrichten 04/2008.

The fact that in such application process, regardless for a summer school, a scientist body, or even as a professor, you are dealing with highly confidential personal data. Therefor referees can access data only over secure access protection as well as encrypted data transfers.

Also invitations to lecture or presentation and - in the negative case - cancellations can be generated by automated processes and sent by email.

This electronic application process saves considerable time, of course, which would otherwise be required to copy and sending the documents received.

Furthermore, organizers and referees, no matter where they happen to be, are always informed over the secured WWW access.


All listed systems are implemented with Lotus software from IBM (IBM Notes). The deployed systems can be accessed both through a Lotus client and a Web browser.

Which of these two options for the intended purpose make the most sense, will be decided case by case with our help.

To use our systems please contact with subject “Lotus software”.

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