GWDG Remote Support

For your support we offer the GWDG-Remote-Support-Client for download here. The GWDG-Remote-Support-Client is a small program in an extra licensed version for GWDG, Uni Göttingen and UMG. It is based on the product AnyDesk and offers the support the possibility to work together with you on your computer.

Download the program and start it. No installation is required.

After starting the program, your Remote ID will be displayed in a program window. Please name this ID Support, which will then connect directly to your computer, see your computer desktop and control your computer. Control of your computer will only work if you have provided the Remote ID and as long as the GWDG Remote Support Client is open. You can disconnect yourself at any time. As long as the program is not started by you, no one can access your computer via it.

Choose the remote client for your operating system

Choose the remote client (my.anydesk II) for your operating system

Data protection and privacy

By downloading the User-Client you agree to the Privacy Policy of the GWDG. You allow the supporter to connect to your computer and are aware that the supporter can look at your opened applications (and read your emails for example).

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