Collaborative Work

For joint, mobile collaboration in the digital era, a wide range of tools and services is needed, which are understandably in high demand in the current situation. Therefore we have compiled a selection for you here.

For information on sharing or working together on files, there is a separate page, which also deals with how Office files can be edited collaboratively. For those who prefer to use LaTeX, we offer a service called ShareLaTeX.

If you want to work on text documents or create presentations together with your team, we recommend our Pad. The service has also additional functions such as an online presentation mode and can be used directly in the browser.

GitLab is suitable for project management, software development, or simply for managing and tracking tasks in teams. The whole thing is completed by a Wiki and allows e.g. the creation of Kanban Boards.

For communication and collaboration, we also provide a stable e-mail and groupware solution based on Microsoft Exchange 2016.

An overview page with these and other services can be found here.

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