E-Learning Tools

Since it is currently not clear whether face-to-face events will be possible at the (postponed) beginning of the semester on April 20, 2020, we are evaluating together with the Service for Digital Learning and Teaching of the University of Göttingen additional opportunities for online lectures.

Here is a great manual for streaming of webinars and similar events. Many thanks to Alexander Krug!


Please also note the Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) for BBB.

The log in portal for https://meet.gwdg.de is integrated with the Academic Cloud. You can simply use your usual credentials (email, password), but the appearance of the log in portal looks different. Have a look at our FAQ for further information.

With BigBlueButton we are serving an open source video conferencing tool that, in addition to conventional video conference functions such as screen sharing and chat, is also suitable for e-learning scenarios. The tool is based on HTML5, runs in the browser and does not require any software installation. For BigBlueButton to work properly, the use of a Chromium based browser or Google Chrome is recommended.

BigBlueButton offers the following features that go beyond video conferencing:

  • Upload and show presentation
  • Annotation function for presentations (also by multiple users inside)
  • Download function of the presentation for participants inside
  • Establishment of so-called “break-out rooms” for group work
  • Note function
  • Conducting surveys
  • Recording options for the conference
  • Individual sessions with up to 100 people

The service is available at https://meet.gwdg.de and via Stud.IP and Moodle. Please log in using your respective primary email address (e.g. *mmuster@uni-goettingen.de*). Invited participants do not have to register, only the host of the room has to be logged in.

Tutorial videos can be found at https://bigbluebutton.org/html5/.

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