Windows Remote Desktop Server

There are three Remote Desktop Server (former: Windows Terminal Server) available:

  • - software for all GWDG accounts, freeware or campus licensed
  • - software for Active Directory administrators
  • - Compute Server for statistics (SAS, Statistica, Stata, R-Studio-Desktop, Excel) and bioinformatics. There is a special registration needed for this server. E-Mail

Remote Desktop Server "GWD-WinTS1"

The Remote Desktop Server is available for all GWDG user accounts. Here you find freeware and software licensed for all users. It is also used for the administration of our virtual machines.

A remote desktop client (RDP client) is needed to connect to the server:

  • Windows 10 oder 11: search for Remote Desktop Connection → “”, GWDG\username and your password
  • Linux: remmina or xFreeRDP. The syntax for xFreeRDP is:

xfreerdp /u:GWDG\\Benutzername /

  • Macintosh:We recommend the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client from the App Store.

Please notice: The server restarts every night at 4:00am ! Save your files and log off after work.

Access from outside of GÖNET

The Remote Desktop Server are accessable within the GÖNET. From outside you need a VPN connection: VPN-Server .

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