Web Hosting

Virtual Webservers

It is possible to use mysql-databases and run PHP or Perl-scripts. If you want to use a Wiki, you are welcome to use our Wiki-service.

The GWDG offers the following services:

  • providing, operating and maintenance of the hardware and the network infrastructure
  • 3 GB space for webhosting
  • fast internet access
  • system administration and maintenance of the operating system
  • LAMP environment
  • backup
  • webserver installation
  • HTML, PHP and Perl availably
  • access via sftp to the webserver
  • optional: SSL encryption
  • optional: MySQL database

Get your virtual webserver

Please find information about how to get your virtual webserver at GWDG Virtual Webserver Service Page

Requirements for the installation of a virtual webserver

Address (URL)

Please follow our guidelines regarding the address of your new virtual webserver!

  • You must use uni-goettingen.de or mpg.de as top-level-domains; your URL may look like mywebpage.mpg.de or mywebpage.uni-goettingen.de.
  • You may use your URL with or without the www-prefix. Your webpage will be available at both variants (example: www.mywebpage.mpg.de and mywebpage.mpg.de).
  • It is also possible to use contigous names like name.mywebpage.mpg.de

If you want to use a domain, which does not comply with these rules, please contact press office of the University of Göttingen. Information of restrictions for the usage of domains could you find here

Other prerequisites

A prerequisite for the setup of a virtual webserver is a valid GWDG userid. The virtual webserver will be owned by this user-account and can only be edited by this account. If you are planning to use many different users you may use a functional user-account instead of an usual user-account. You can propose for an useraccount here

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