Identity Management

IdM is the short form for Identity Management. It is a broad administrative area that deals with identifying persons in a large system and controlling their access to resources within that system by associating user rights and restrictions with the established identity. In other words and on a fundamental level, the identity management involves defining what users can do on the connected directories and servers.

Using IdM and MetaDirectory to support user processes

Since 2005 the GWDG as competence centre provides a large Identity Management environment to support all relevant user processes in the University of Göttingen and also the Max-Planck-Institutes in Germany. During that time, GWDG has been able to connect many institutes of the University and the Max Planck Society (MPG) to the central MetaDirectory, which is the most important part of the Identity Management. Today, we keep more than 70.000 identities (including the students).

Major parts of the Identity Management in the GWDG

How to connect to the MetaDir

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Requirements for connecting to the IdM

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