Print & Scan Services

Printing within Active Directory

In most institutions, the employees do not longer own a printer at work, instead Institutions have network printers who are shared by all employees. Therefore, for several years, the GWDG to the port and the management of the institution's own printer on the server GWDG.

Centrally managed institution printer

The printers are installed on the Windows cluster share “GWD-Winprint”. The involvement of the Institute printer at a central location also enables centralized management of printer resources, resulting in many other advantages:

  • reliability is ensured by securing the cluster shares with several united to a cluster Windows server.
  • Access permissions can be controlled by setting the printer queue.
  • Pre-configured printer settings can be specified for all users.
  • The availability of printers is not dependent on the workstations on which the printer can be provided if necessary.
  • Less vulnerabilities, as on the workstations no resources (eg. As a printer) must be released.
  • Printer driver for Windows computers are set well apart from the cluster share and automatically installed on the Windows user workstations.
  • Logon scripts allow automatic connection to the printer in Active Directory.
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