Here you can find general information about the different GWDG mail servers, recommended mail protocols and instructions for the configuration of Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and Mozilla Thunderbird.

General Information

Here you will find general information about the GWDG mail server, recommended mail protocols, etc.

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Apple Mail

Mail.app is a free and user-friendly email program that comes with Mac OS X. Here you can find instructions on how to use your GWDG mail account with this program.

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Microsoft Outlook 2021

Microsoft Outlook 2019

Outlook is the successor of Entourage and part of Microsoft Office for macOS. In combination with an account on the Exchange Server 2010 it offers many useful features.

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Microsoft Outlook 2016

Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird is the free mail client, news reader and RSS client from the Mozilla Foundation. It is an extensively used email clients and is available for all major operating systems.

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E-Mail Certificates

Here you can learn how to apply for and install your personal certificate.

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