Bitdefender Service

The GWDG operates a Gravity Zone Appliance from the manufacturer “Bitdefender” for the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. As an administrator, you can manage the computers of your institute via a web console and configure the malware protection.

The use of Bitdefender requires a central administration - a local configuration of clients is not possible.

For this reason, the IT managers at your institute are responsible for installation and administration. Installation by IT users on self-administered workstations is generally not advisable, as in this case no adjustments can be made and administrators cannot be notified if malware is found.

The software may only be installed on computers owned by the Georg-August University; it may not be used on private devices used for work purposes.

Unfortunately, no successor product to Sophos can be offered to students at this time. For the protection of private devices, however, Microsoft Defender, which is integrated into current Windows operating systems, is always available in addition to various commercial software.

Contact: You can reach us by email at epp@gwdg or on the Rocketchat channel #gwdg-epp.

Info-Pad: Our Info-Pad (in German) provides up-to-date information and guides concerning installation, administration and troubleshooting.

Information for IT Managers

To be able to administer your clients in the Bitdefender console, you must first send us an email to containing your administrative “0 ID”.

If you want to manage Active Directory (AD) clients, please also let us know the domain and the organizational units (OUs) for which you are responsible.

If you want to manage clients that are not in AD, we must first create a Custom Group in the console. Please let us know what name this should be given (e.g. your institute abbreviation). You must then create your own installation package so that your clients are added to the correct group after installation. You can find instructions on how to do this in the Info Pad.

As soon as we have set up your account, you can access the web console at and log in with domain\adminID and password. You can now configure your own policies and assign them to your environment - or use the GWDG's default policy, which is assigned automatically. You also have the option of configuring email notifications for malware incidents in your environment and defining exceptions for scans. Instructions can be found in the Info Pad.

For the initial installation, your device must be connected to the GÖNET, either via the university network or via VPN. You can then configure your policy so that your client can connect from anywhere via our Internet Relay (already set if you are using the GWDG's standard policy).

Information for IT users

If there is no person responsible for IT in your institute, we can provide packages for installation on self-managed workstations on an individual basis. Please contact us by email at Please note that in these cases it is not possible to customize scans or configure exceptions for blocked software and files on your computer.

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