GWDG CrashPlan PROe

The GWDG CrashPlan PROe service can no longer be used as the manufacturer has discontinued CrashPlan OnPremises! As a “successor product”, the GWDG offers CrashPlan Cloud for its customers.

Important notice!!!

CrashPlan On Prem is currently not compatible with macOS 12 Monterey , so if CrashPlan is used, should not be updated to macOS 12!

Why CrashPlan?

Addressing the challenges of the ever growing amount of data on computers, GWDG offers to its users the endpoint backup solution CrashPlan PROe. This enables users to write backups of all their important data and also to restore the data easily by themselves. They can do so either by using the client software on their local device or by accessing the web interface. As all data backed up by CrashPlan PROe is encrypted, the autonomy and responsibility of it lies with the user.

CrashPlan is characterized by its intuitive and catchy user interface. By the approach of an almost permanent backup (typically at an interval of 15 min), it is an ideal solution for end user devices as notebooks and personal computers. The additional access using the web-ui and the ability to concentrate different devices in one backup account also provides basic cloud storage functionality in CrashPlan.

What does the service offer?

  1. The service offers an easy to use and easily accessible solution to give users the possibility to store and restore their precious data by themselves.
  2. The data is stored on systems at GWDG so that third party members cannot access it.
  3. As all data is encrypted by using the Advanced Encryption Standard, only the users themselves have access to their data.
  4. By using a private key (which has to be stored in a safe place by the users! ) the security can even be enhanced.
  5. The client runs in the background and can be set to use less bandwidth if the user is for an example not in a university network (LAN) but at home (WAN).

How to use the service

The service may be used on all Linux, Mac and Windows systems which are bound to the user who obtained the license. All members of the Max Planck institutes and also of the University of Göttingen are eligible to use the service on demand. The financing of the license is per user. When ordering the cost per license ( The license can be used on up to 3 computers (Linux, Mac, Windows) ) is 29 € per year plus VAT. In order to be able to offer our customers this low price, the license costs always accrue for the complete license period. Invoices are issued by the GWDG and will be sent to the respective institute.
ATTENTION: If you do not need a license in the next license period please send your cancellation before 06/30/20. Otherwise a new license will be bought automatically and you will receive another invoice.
As the license is liable to a fee, every user of the service has to be activated by GWDG. Please go to “ Request Service” or alternatively write an e-mail to with the subject “CrashPlan License” to obtain a license. As soon as your account has been activated, you will receive a confirmatory e-mail.

Client installation and configuration

Once your account has been activated by GWDG, please open your browser and go to the web interface. Log in with your GWDG username and password. A popup window will open where the available clients are displayed. Choose the appropriate client and download it.

Then start the installer and go through all steps of the installation process. As soon as the installation is finished you can start the

In the following dialogue choose “Existing Account” and then enter your GWDG credentials and the server “”.

Once the client is connected you can choose which files you want to backup. On most systems this will be first and foremost your user directory where you store your work files. Then the client will perform a file scan which, depending on the amount of files chosen, might take a while.

Afterwards, an initial backup of your data will be created. From now on and as long as the client is running, all changes of the files will be written to your backup in a defined time span (default: every 15 minutes).

Important Notice concerning CrashPlan and macOS 10.14 (Mojave) and 10.15 (Catalina)

Due to Apple's privacy restrictions starting with macOS 10.14. files and folders containing personal data will not be backed up unless you give the Full Disk Access. This can be granted in the Security&Privacy settings. For further information please refer to the support article by Code42 which can be found here :

Additional configuration and security options

CrashPlan PROe also offers the possibility to encrypt your backup either with a password of your choice or by using a customized encryption key. In both cases the user has to take preconditions not to lose the password / key. In this case GWDG staff can not help as there is no other possibility to access your data!

The security options can be found in the CrashPlan.appSettingsSecurity .

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