GWDG ownCloud

The service

With GWDG ownCloud you can upload your files to a server with a browser or client software, share them with other users or have them downloaded to one of your other devices by a client software.

GWDG ownCloud manages your files in so called “Folders”. A folder is basically the same as a folder or directory on your hard drive. All settings and actions on a folder always affect all of its contents as well. Folders can be created, shared, downloaded or deleted.

To use the service with a browser go to and log in with your email address and password. See “Who can use the service? How do I log in?” for more information about eligible accounts and registering accounts.

To transfer large files or a large number of files it is recommended to use the client software. Additionally the client can watch your files for changes and upload them to the service in the background or receive changes. This way your files are always up-to-date on the service and your connected devices running the client.

To access your files and folders via WebDAV refer to the guide by the manufacturer.

Service operation

The service is operated by the GWDG in its own facilities. Storage space and user data is located at the GWDG computing center. The service is billed in “work units” to our own users and in real currency to our external users.

Questions and feedback are much appreciated and can be directed to our support. Important changes and status reports are published under “News”.

Additional information

Firewalls, client connections, servers

The client connects to our servers on port 443 and to the central address

The service operates within the network of GWDG in the address range of and corresponding DNS names. If you operate a firewall locally it is recommended to allow connections to and from these addresses to enable normal utilization of the service. Otherwise usage of the service will be degraded and cannot be supported.

Guides and information by the manufacturer

The website of has a number of guides on various use cases of the software.

We also have a mailinglist for our owncloud users. You can subscribe at

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