The GWDG is offering different ways to backup data.
In addition to the archive file service the GWDG offers
a classic file backup including version control as well.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)

TSM is using an incremental forever approach, therefore it focuses on large data amounts and it is ideal for any kind of servers. Numerous configuration options open extensive tweaking of the backup, but these are a significant barriers for newcommers – especially for those who are new to TSM.

CrashPlan Cloud (CP)

CP is characterized by its intuitive and catchy user interface.
By the approach of an almost permant backup (typical an interval of 15 min), it is an ideal solution for end user devices as notebooks and personal computers. The additional access using the web-ui and the ability to concentrate different devices Access via the additional web interface and the possibility to bundle different end devices in one account. Backup takes place to CrashPlan's European cloud in a data center in Amsterdam

Further instructions can be found here: CrashPlan Cloud.

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