File Service

The GWDG provides file systems to their customers. To improve reliability of these systems they are redundant and a backup is carried out daily.

To access the Windows network drives (archive, personal and group drives) from outside the GÖNET a VPN connection to the GWDG must be established. Access without VPN connection is only possible via SSH to Unix drives.

These systems are housing the personal folders (typically P:\ drive) and shared network drives (typically W:\ drive) for Windows, as well as the home directory $HOME and the temporary home directory $THOME for UNIX/Linux. In addition to these drives the GWDG is providing a personal archive to every user which can be used by Windows and UNIX/Linux.

To access the UNIX/Linux home directories on Windows, samba service can be used.

To access the personal network drive („P:“ drive) from UNIX/Linux SMB Utilities can be used.

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