Project Management Service

The “GWDG Project Management Service” is a collaboration self service that allows you to manage and track your projects and source code repositories. By using the “GWDG Project Management Service”, users can independently coordinate their projects, keep track of their issues and document their results. In addition, users can analyse the progress of their projects and have tools to detect problems early. This allows you to manage your projects in a coordinated fashion to also reduce risks. For this purpose, the “GWDG Project Management Service” offers a number of features that can be enabled on demand.


Project Management

  • Organisation of projects and subprojects
  • Gantt diagram
  • Calendar
  • Issue management (Track bugs, issues, tasks, features and more)
  • Tools for agile project management like “Kanbans” and “Backlog”
  • Reports
  • Overview of project activities
  • Roadmap
  • Self defined search filters

User Management

  • GWDG account integration
  • Possibility to integrate other LDAP server
  • User roles
  • User defined SSH keys for source code management


  • Forum
  • News
  • Wiki
  • Shared documents
  • Comments
  • RSS Feeds

Source Code Management

  • Git and SVN
  • Integration with issues
  • Self-defined post receipts hooks for git
  • Mirror for git
  • Deployment SSH key
  • WebDAV for SVN
  • Web-browser frontend

Security & Backup

  • TSM backup
  • Central monitoring
  • Periodic maintenance
  • Hosted in Germany by GWDG

Quick Guides


You can direct login with SSO on without seperate registration. Then you can participate to projects on if you are member of the project. We cannot do this, please contact the custom manger for this projects.

Self Managed Projects

After your fist login it takes some hours to get rights for creating new projects.

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