DavMail accesses the Outlook Web App and provides a gateway for (mail) clients to the Exchange server of GWDG by using the protocols CalDAV for calendars and CardDAV for address books. Access to the global address book of our Exchange server can be mediated via LDAP. DavMail is open source software that has been released under the General Public License (GPLv2).

Since DavMail adheres to open standards, it has a generic configuration, which is independent of the client in use. An exception is the OSX groupware, which has a divergent configuration.

Hereafter, “userid” is the GWDG user ID.

Generic configuration

Exchange Adressbook via LDAP (recommended when using Thunderbird):
Hostname: davmail.gwdg.de
Base DN: ou=people
Port: 1389
Bind DN: gwdg\userid
use: SSL

For particular Clients there are tutorials at: http://davmail.sourceforge.net/

Additional information


In issue 9-10/2015 of the “GWDG-Nachrichten” there is an article on DavMail (available in German only):

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