Git is a software for version management of data. It is primarily intended to manage text files such as source code, latex files or scripts. With GitLab (, the GWDG provides a service to easily manage so-called Git repositories. In addition to version management, GitLab also offers management, bug tracking and wiki functionalities. Furthermore, when working with multiple contributers, changes can be checked via “merge requests”. GitLab is very similar to the well-known commercial service github.

Further information on git and capabilities can be found here


All employees and students of the University of Göttingen as well as employees of the Max Planck Society are entitled to use the system.

Students and employees of the University of Göttingen as well as customers with a GWDG account simply log in as usual with their e-mail address and password. Employees of the Max Planck Society who do not have a GWDG account can register at with their institute's e-mail address.

In justified individual cases, it is also possible to give external users access to GitLab. Please contact for further information.

Limit of projects

Users can create up to 50 GitLab projects. If you need a higher number of projects, please contact

Storage space

Git repositories are not designed to store large binary formats (images, office files, multimedia files). Please use GWDG ownCloud for these purposes.

The storage space of individual projects is currently not limited. If we notice an improper or abusive use of GWDG GitLab, we will contact you and work out a suitable solution. We reserve the right to temporarily block write access to suspicious projects.

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