Information for RA operators and DRAOs

Since the DFN PKI will no longer accept applications for server certificates at the end of 2022 and no more applications for user certificates at the end of 2023, it is important that all RA operators familiarize themselves with the GÉANT TCS PKI! Therefore, the corresponding information is now provided here for both PKI. It is clear that the path will go to the GÉANT TCS PKI by the end of 2023.

The information on this page is only interesting and necessary for the so-called RA operators, in the DFN PKI Teilnehmerservice-Mitarbeitenden, TS-MA for short, and in the GÉANT TCS PKI Department Registration Authority Officer, DRAO for short!


  1. GWDG Nachrichten 12|21 - Das GÉANT TCS PKI-Backend für DRAOs
  2. GWDG Nachrichten 4-5|22 - Das GÉANT TCS PKI-Backend – Skripte für Routineaufgaben der DRAOs

(currently only in German)

DFN PKI Global / DFN-Verein Community CA

The information for the DFN PKI is only relevant until the end of 2023. New RA operators should only familiarize themselves with the GÉANT TCS PKI!

OpenJDK-Programm GUIRA

The current version is available at

Please use and install this version from now on, which is both further developed and kept up to date.

Information for TS-MA about GUIRA

In these two issues of the GWDG News, you will find helpful information as a TS-MA for operating GUIRA and the general aufgaven as TS-MA.

  1. GWDG Nachrichten 12|20 - Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen eines Teilnehmerservices
  2. GWDG Nachrichten 03|21 - Das Programm GUIRA für den Teilnehmerservice

(currently only in German)

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