Information for RA operators

The informations on this page are only for the so-called RA operators or Participant Service staff (in German called Teilnehmerservice Mitarbeiter, short TS-MA), short TS staff, interesting and necessary!

OpenJDK-Programm GUIRA

The current version is available at

Please use and install this version from now on, which is both further developed and kept up to date.

Information for TS-MA about GUIRA

In these two issues of the GWDG News, you will find helpful information as a TS-MA for operating GUIRA and the general aufgaven as TS-MA.

  1. GWDG Nachrichten 12|20 - Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen eines Teilnehmerservices
  2. GWDG Nachrichten 03|21 - Das Programm GUIRA für den Teilnehmerservice

(currently only in German)

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