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Login to video conference meeting rooms and lectures

You can open, create and manage videoconference meeting rooms and lectures via your organizer account.

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Access to DFNconf

There are several ways to access it. Depending on the equipment, you can participate in meetings via browser-based access, SIP/H.323 or telephone. Browser-based access is via a meeting URL, which you can access via Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS or Android. Dedicated VC room systems or VC clients are used for access via SIP or H.323.

Overview DFNconf

With the DFNconf service, the DFN-Verein offers its users in the scientific community the opportunity to hold video, audio and web conferences. The service is tailored to the needs of research and teaching and provides the central technical components required.

If you want to get to know the service, here will give you a good overview.

Two service components are at your disposal:

  • With the new platform, you can conduct video conferences with excellent video and audio properties. Other features: Use of dedicated VC systems and simple web-based access, maximum 23 participants.
  • If you're planning elearning events or webinars for up to 200 participants, you can still use our Adobe Connect web conferencing service.

Requirement for using the service

The access to service requires that your institution is connected to the science network via the DFNInternet service.

Individual registration as meeting organizer

To actively use the service as a meeting organizer and to generate meeting rooms, registration is required.

Information for meeting participants

If you have received an invitation mail for a meeting as participant, select the appropriate dial-in from the options offered in the mail. No registration is necessary.

Application scenarios

The DFNconf service offers solutions for various application scenarios. As a meeting organizer, you can choose, among other things, whether the planned event involves

  • a meeting is about,
  • a course, or
  • the service is to be used in conjunction with a Learning Management System (LMS).

You can create individual meeting rooms, customize your meeting rooms and control your meetings. The participants of a meeting are notified by e-mail and can dial in via different access paths depending on their individual equipment.

For detailed information on the services offered, see the description of the service .

The old platform DFNVC

Use of the DFNVC

The DFN video conferencing service DFNVC, based on H.323 or SIP, which has been available since 2003, will continue to be offered in the new DFNconf service until further notice. The DFNVC video conferencing service is an ad hoc service. This means that you can hold a conference at any time of the day or night without operator support. As with a telephone, you dial the conference number with your terminal device and are immediately connected to your conference. The first terminal device automatically starts the conference, it ends again when the last terminal device is replaced.

Before you can use the DFNVC service, you must register your videoconferencing device or software with one of our gatekeeper servers. Please contact support@gwdg.de for more information. Registration is also possible directly at the DFN gatekeeper.

Dial-in to a video conference

The Dial-in into a videoconference is done with the corresponding syntax.

Dial-in to a videoconference by phone

To participate in a videoconference over the telephone, dial the following DFN gateway number followed by the conference ID. (Note: Pressing *6 mutes your phone. Press *6 again to unmute your phone.)

030-200 conference_ID

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