Getting Help

If you run into trouble and need help while using our system, please feel free to reach out. We have different channels where we share information and where you can contact us.

HPC announce mailing list

Any maintenance and other issues impacting the whole cluster will be shared on our HPC announce mailing list.

You can find an archive of all news at the HPC-announce mailing list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check our FAQs! Maybe someone asked a similar question before.


For quick questions, our Rocket.Chat channel #hpc-users is the best option. We will try to react promptly, but sometimes we may ask you to open a ticket instead.

The GWDG Support Ticket System

Write an email to In the body:

  • State your user id ($USER).
  • If you have a problem with your jobs, always
    • include the job ID and
    • the complete standard output and error (-o/-e <file>).
  • If you have a lot of failed jobs, send at least two outputs. You can also list the job IDs of all failed jobs to help us even more with understanding your problem.
  • If you do not mind us looking at your files, please state this in your request. You can limit your permission to specific directories or files.
  • Please open a new ticket for each issue. It is easier for us to merge two tickets if necessary than to split them up.
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