HPC Workshops

Deep dive into high end HPC topics with our workshops. These special events are organized throughout the year with hot topics, hands-on sessions and invited speakers, who are experts in their field. You can find an overview on the upcoming workshops on this page. Follow the links for detailed information and registration instructions.

NHR@Göttingen Workshop Week Dec 13th-17th 2021

Title NHR Container Workshop
Date and Time Monday, Dec. 13th 2021
Venue virtual
Organizer Azat Khuziyakhmetov (GWDG)
More Information Workshop Page
Title HPC Certification for the German HPC Community
Date and Time Tuesday, Dec. 14th 2021, 14-17 CET
Venue virtual
Organizers Julian Kunkel (Uni Göttingen / GWDG, NHR@Göttingen),
Anja Gerbes (ZIH, Technische Universität Dresden)
More Information Workshop HPC Certification
Title Security Workshop
Date and Time Thursday, Dec. 16th 2021, 14 - 17 CET
Venue virtual
Organizers Tim Ehlers (GWDG),
Vanessa End (GWDG)
More Information Security Workshop Page
Title Data Lakes
Date and Time Friday, Dec 17th 2021, 14:00 - 18:00
Venue virtual
Organizer Julian Kunkel (Uni Göttingen/GWDG),
Masoud Rezai (GWDG),
Alexander Goldmann (GWDG)
More Information Data Lakes Workshop December
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