This page and its sub-pages contain guides, pointers and examples on how to use different programs on the SCC using Slurm.

Most of the third-party software installed on the cluster is not located in the default path. To use it, the corresponding “module” must be loaded. Furthermore, through the module system you can setup environment settings for your compiler to use special libraries. The big advantage of this system is the (relative) simplicity with which one can coordinate environment settings, such as PATH, MANPATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH and other relevant variables, dependent on the requirements of the use-case. You can find a list of installed modules, sorted by categories, by entering module avail on one of the frontends. The command module list gives you a list of currently loaded modules.

To use a module, you can explicitly load the version you want with module load software/version. If you leave out the version, the default version will be used. Logging off and back in will unload all modules, as well as module purge. You can unload single modules by entering module unload software.

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